Gallipoli Music Memorial 2015

The Third Battle of Krithia

Every corner of the Gallipoli peninsula was well known to the Ottoman Commanders from the Balkan wars of 1912/1913.

They had reserves and access to all forms of military and other supplies. The British and their allies in contrast only had toeholds on the ground.

The allied generals decided on an attack at 12 noon on 4th June 1915 on the Turkish lines right across the peninsula. The centre of the attack was able to advance successfully for a few hundred yards.

The left (the Indian Brigade) made little headway.

The right (the French) made little headway.

The Turks were able to fire along the lines of those who were advancing, causing heavy casualties. By 12:30 the battle was almost lost and the Allies began to retreat to the trenches they had started from.

Casualties were terrible on both sides. Those like William Denis Browne who had been wounded while at the head of the advance could not be carried back and were left to die.

The French lost 2,000 men, the British 4,500 and the Turks lost at least 5,000 and possibly as many as 9,000.

1. The battle field today, near the place Browne died
2. The battle orders from 4th June 1915. © National Archives